About us

Fencing club AMU Prague was founded in 1953 at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. The founder of our club was a tireless fencing promoter RNDr. Pavel Plch. His original idea, as a professor at the Academy of Performing Arts, was to bring fencing acting students closer to reality in their appearances. The originally foil section became a narrowly specialized saber section. Its members were many well-known artists and other personalities.
Members of our club were also founders of historical fencing groups Regius and Kadeti. We were the first club to begin training women’s saber fencing. Many of our members were members of the national team, some of them became national coaches.

Our fencing club AMU Praha is a sports club that focuses exclusively on training saber fencing. Trainings take place regularly twice a week under the guidance of experienced trainers. We actively participate in domestic and foreign tournaments. Our year-round endeavor traditionally ends with 7 days training in a recreational facility in Poněšice. In case of interest is possible to come and see our training.